About Us

We are an interior design studio.


Elegant & timeless

Founded and based in Los Angeles ,Creative Jdea focuses on taking the vision of the client and creating something unique and unforgettable every time. With focus on commercial and residential projects as the designer, we take your idea and turn it into a new concept.

At Creative Jdea we prioritize client needs and work with our client as a team to turn an idea into a unique concept with focus on details to deliver beyond the vision of the client. We pride ourselves on creating a connection with clients while respecting budget and being deadline compliant. We are devoted to using the best resources to create unique spaces.

By taking unique materials we take design beyond “re-doing” a space; we create a story in such a manner that each project tells its own unique story.
We are here to bridge your ideas and make them a reality.

Jacqueline & Dante